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April 20, 2011 / Adam + Dan

The truth behind creative team nicknames

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]If you’re in a team, then it stands a good chance you’ve been likened to another famous duo.

But what do those nicknames really mean? Is there any meaning behind who you get called?

We think we’ve found the answers.

“Ant and Dec”
The boy duo that get everywhere. And for this, you’re either loved or hated. You’ve been together for a while and formed a legal, yet comfortable heterosexual bond. People will never see you on your own. You come as a pair, and that’s the way it always will be. If one of you left, you’d be nothing on your own, you might as well have a relationship on Facebook. And you don’t have to be a Geordie, but you will have an accent, probably northern.

You are two annoying little fucks. You’re overhyped, irritating and probably rose to fame by some sort of overrated competition. Although everyone knows you’re crap, you manage to get your face everywhere and be talked about. You’ll have silly little catchphrases that you’ll bring up in every brainstorm without fail and share inside jokes that creep everyone else out. You’ll also probably also have an outrageous hair style, which only confirms peoples impressions that you’re a bit of twat.

“Same Difference”
The boy/girl team that look pretty much identical. You’ll have a close relationship that makes people feel uneasy. You’re more like brother and sister than a creative team, and most likely having sex with each other outside, or (on occasions) inside work. If you weren’t working in advertising, you’d probably be working on a cruise ship as a blue coat. You’ll be immaculately presented, almost like your mother has dressed you every day. And, if you’re the lad, you’ll have to deal with the fact that everyone wants a piece of your partner on a daily basis.

“Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee”
The team that look and act exactly the same. All of time. You’ll probably do everything together, from lunch, commuting and shopping. You’ll regularly turn up to work dressed in the same shirt you ‘accidentally’ both purchased last week. Whether it’s planned, or by coincidence, it makes people feel uncomfortable. You may also finish your partners sentences and never be seen without the other. And you can consider your identity lost. Wherever one is, the other will be floating around just behind.

“Dick and Dom”
You’re both as annoying as each other, act like children and haven’t progressed in your career. You’ll probably still be at the first agency who set eyes on you and will be for the next 10 years to come. You’ve never done anything amazing in your overhyped stint in the industry and you’ll start writing your own Wikipedia entry when you’re about 30. You’re a bit like a fart that keeps popping up and doesn’t seem to go away for a very, long time.

“Mitchell and Webb”
The genius and the slacker. Couldn’t be more opposite for each, but when you work together, you seem to produce good work. Even if it tends to be one of you doing most of it. You’ll probably argue a lot about who does more and who is better, but you’re both too stubborn to be honest. One of you probably smokes herbal cigarettes to help you relax whilst reading a Bronte novel, whilst the other smokes cannabis just for the kick. And somehow this helps fuel your ludicrous ideas.

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