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July 16, 2011 / Adam + Dan

Our latest campaign – Sony

We’ve recently been very busy with our first big project for Sony. To create awareness of Sony’s coverage on Wimbledon in 3D we created a spoof on the original balls commercial to drive people to – An online game we concepted alongside a talented team of UX and developers. Users search the web for bouncing tennis balls. Each ‘catch’ increased their chances of winning Sony prizes or tickets to the Wimbledon Finals.

Over a quarter of a million balls were collected by thousands of online players.

Here are a few photos from the shoot

We learnt a hell of a lot during 3 long days of filming and are definitely looking forward to working in this media again.

Here’s the final promo video:

The video directed people to play the game at

The game attracted thousands of players with some collecting over 10,000 each. Over 300,000 balls were collected in total. Up for grabs were 5 pairs of Wimbledon Finals tickets, Sony 3D TVs, cameras, bloggies and handycams, all promoting Sony’s impressive 3D range. Whilst the site engaged visitors with the game it also helped people find out how they can watch 3D tennis at cinemas, Sony centres or at home. All helping to raise Sony’s Facebook fans, traffic, search terms and plenty of chatter online.

We will add a full case study video in the next month or so showing the mechanics of the game now that it has ended.

Of course, there’s things we would have liked to turn out differently, but with the budget we had, we, and all of the hard working team at Crayon are proud of what we achieved. And the results have been fantastic.



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  1. Ash Humby / Jul 18 2011 10:49

    Nice work lads. Can i ask how much of the ad was CGI? Did you get to drop a load of the balls to start with?

    • Adam + Dan / Jul 18 2011 11:14

      Probably about 80%. There’s a lot of real balls in most scenes with CGI around it too. Unfortunately, it was too expensive to do it all for real as the insurance, locking off of streets etc would have cost us too much for the whole campaign.

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