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March 24, 2011 / Adam + Dan

The Advertising Bubble

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]Yesterday I saw the Coca Cola campaign ‘inspired by you’ which allowed facebook users to interact with Maroon 5 by sending in lyrics and advice on rhythms to help them form a new song.

I for one have commented before on the use of crowd sourcing and the fact that it’s a little ‘old’.

But then I saw how popular this campaign was. It had plenty attention on Twitter, and over 4K Likes on Facebook aswell as getting plenty of attention from fans.

People were interacting with it. Even me.

I was actually hooked on watching the stream in the recording studio.

It’s obviously a good idea.

It might not be original and it might not be the first time crowd sourcing has ever been done, but it worked.

I’ve read numerous blogs and comments criticising it because it’s ANOTHER crowd sourcing idea, but I’m pretty sure Coca Cola didn’t do it to impress the advertising industry. They did it to impress their fans.

And they did just that.

In our advertising bubble, we think that everything is new, when really it isn’t – and do consumers really care? Just because we’ve been talking about it for the last 18 months, doesn’t mean the consumer has.

Are we just making ideas that impress our industry peers and ourselves?


Really we should be creating campaigns that the consumer wants to interact with, no matter how ‘boring’ it might sound to us.

After all, they keep us in a job.

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  1. Ben / Mar 24 2011 12:24

    I completely agree. I think all too often in the industry we forget to do something that hooks the audience, instead focusing too much time on doing something new to impress our peers.

    While the Coca-Cola campaign is great for getting people involved – I do wonder how many people engaged with it just to make a song, or because they liked Maroon 5? And, in a similar vain to the Ad Contrarian’s posts this week about Pepsi… does it actually translate into sales for the brand?

    That’s surely what we’re doing it for at the end of the day.

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