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February 15, 2011 / Adam + Dan

Why we think Wieden & Kennedy are successful

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]Everybody wanting to get into advertising will only look and admire at some of the work that comes out of Wiedens.

We still do.

There’s obviously a reason for their success. In our opinion, it’s not just that they have great ideas, but they create good ideas. They’re trendsetters.

By this, we mean as well doing the basics right such as print ads and tv ads, they create new innovations.

Whether this is down to good relationships with clients, or open budgets, who knows.

But for some agencies around the world, if a creative team said “we want to create a machine that writes peoples tweets out in chalk as it drives on the roads of the Tour De France” many would dismiss it as they wouldn’t think it’s possible. Wiedens don’t do that.

Nike Grid was another innovation. It’s different. And that’s why it worked. They forgot about ads, and did a game instead. It’s about being different, and different just works.

For their Christmas campaign they created a model village made of cardboard.

Everytime someone tweeted the word ‘snow’ then a piece of paper would drop from the ‘sky’  and land on the model village.

A genius idea, and wonderfully created.

No one has really done anything like this before.

Using Twitter to mechanically initiate something offline. But they did.

And recently their use of an iPhone app with their Honda Jazz advert will probably start a new trend.

That’s the difference. They believe anything is possible, and then create it, making them not an advertising agency, but a creative agency.

Maybe we should all take a leaf from Wiedens book? Let’s stop just using what’s available to us and push clients to try something new.

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  1. neil c / Feb 15 2011 13:29

    Actually, we exchanged our old cow for some magic beans. We planted the beans on our roof terrace. Every morning, we find cool ideas growing out of the magic beans. That’s the secret.

    • Adam + Dan / Feb 15 2011 13:58

      Have you got a link as to where we can buy these beans?


      A + D

  2. neil christie / Feb 20 2011 21:42

    You can’t buy them. You need to trade in your mother’s cow. That’s how it works.

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