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February 10, 2011 / Adam + Dan

It’s all gone Facebook

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]Name 10 websites you visit regularly.

For most of us, we’ll say Facebook, Google, an email provider and Amazon (even though we don’t visit it that often) and then we’ll struggle to remember any others.

It’s why a lot of brands are taking their website onto Facebook.

And maybe one of the main reasons they do this is that they save money?

For example, instead of having to come up with campaigns and clever ways to direct their audience to a URL, they’ve taken their page to where their customers are all hanging out. Facebook.

As well as that, they can target who they advertise to. With Facebook, brands can target a certain age of audience, what city they’re from and what interests they like to bring people to their page. Facebook advertising is certainly cheaper, and because it’s targeted, it can be  very effective.

And the brands that are doing it right, manage to get all your data from you.

In the past, brands have paid money for campaigns to get data from customers. Names, age, email address, locations etc.

Not anymore.

Now with just a click of a button, you give permission to that brand to see all your data and information, meaning they can target you better.

Brands can still do this by integrating Facebook connect into their site, but it just seems easier to do it on the social networking site. Once you’re on Facebook, you don’t want to navigate away from it. The more you can do inside your ‘social hub’ the more likely you are to interact with it. Facebook is slowly becoming a browser itself.

And by keeping their brand inside of Facebook, they’re growing a larger customer base who actually interact with them as well as saving money.

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