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December 6, 2010 / Adam + Dan

The best viral videos of 2010

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As the year draws to a close, we’ve put together a top 10 of 2010 for a few things including TV, digital and virals.

Here’s our top 10 virals for 2010.

10) Chat Roulette – The Last Exorcism

One to make the wanking men wince at. The Last Exorcism had a terrific campaign that ‘tricked’ users into thinking they were going to get a bit of nipple.

9) Samsung Galaxy

This video hit it off really well when it came out and is still pretty popular. It’s a really nice direction for Samsung to take as well. Different too.

8) Hi-Tech – Liquid Mountaineering

This idea was fantastic is the amount of press it actually received, and although branding was subtle, we always knew.

7) Coca Cola Happiness machine

Yes it was very early at the start of the year, but it counts.

6) BMX – Table Trick

Early this year, BMX Bikes released this little beauty. We’d try it but we don’t have a table this big. Or a bike for that matter.

5) OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

Imagine, Honda Cog. But bigger, better and with a pretty cool song behind it. Or just watch the video.

4) Cat Vs Printer

Comedian Chris Cohen put this genious translation together over an already popular video of a cat smashing a printer. This will make your day.

3) Old Spice Responses

No surprise here. The day Wieden’s did this, was the day everyone thought ‘shit’. Why didn’t we think of that? Twitter responses through personalised videos, from the legend that is Old Spice Man.

2) Chat Roulette Man

Or Merton as he is well known. Yes Chat Roulette may be dead leaving those with their cocks out still praying to see a cheeky bit of boob, but Merton was one of the few who used Chat Roulette for good. Through song and ingenious improv, we give you our favourite viral of the year.

1) Heineken Footy Prank

And so our final entry. The number one spot of 2010 answers a great question women have been asking for a while. How do you make men happy? You lie about taking football away, then you give it them back with a beer! Nice work but Heineken.

So there we have it. Look out for our top 10 digital campaigns of the year. They’ll be coming sometime next week.

You can check out our top 10 TV ads by clicking here.

Find out more about us by visiting our website


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  1. AP / Dec 9 2010 14:40

    A great collection, which in my head raise a couple of points for discussion.

    I love number 1, but it’s had a tenth of the views the Liquid Mountaineering has. Still a success? And where do you measure news stories against views… is it the same? Can you compare?

    The cost to make cat vs printer and merve with chatroulette vs ok go and heineken. Is cruder and less slick better or worse to make it go viral?

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