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November 24, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Do we overintellectualize advertising?

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false] On a recent visit home, I met with my friends where we had plenty to catch up on. Now obviously working in advertising causes one of your mates’ to bring up the ‘have you seen that ad?’ conversation.

Listening to them, they brought up some interesting points and those points have inspired this blog post.

All the thinking and all the clever stuff behind the idea can be wasted on those who watch it. They see what they see. Unless they are like you and us, and want to destruct the thinking of an advertisement when you see one, then there’s a good chance they won’t analyse it. To them, it’s just a disruption.

So do we overintellectualize all the ads we do? Sometimes we try too hard to come up with an amazing piece of creative when in reality we forget what we are here to do. To sell.

Sometimes we make them so complicated that we forget about the people who really care what the ad is like – the consumer. They’re the ones we need to convince, not the client, not the agency or our peers. It’s the advertising that’s simple that always works, because they’re the ads that people just ‘get’.

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  1. joeandtom / Nov 25 2010 12:52

    Nice post.
    A few non-ad people have said to me “Have you seen that one with the rapping farmers in it!?” (in a good way). That kinda says it all. An ad that’s widely hated within advertising, but your average bloke waiting for X-Factor to come back on loved it.
    I quite like, for instance, this new Polo ad for VW (with that dancing mexicanny gangstery couple). But everyone seems to hate it (Joe included). I think it’s a good looking, entertaining, solid ad. Why the hate? There’s plenty to hate more than that (like what the fuck are these Citizen Eco Drive ads that keep getting played in amazing ad breaks?). I think I’ve strayed off topic. Sorrybye.

  2. willharvey / Nov 25 2010 13:21

    You guys sound like account men!

    As an account man, I think you’re right.

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