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October 16, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Walkers – Rainy Days Campaign

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]We came across this little gem of a campaign during X Factor this week.

Walkers have teamed with Google and the Met office to give you Rainy Days. The idea’s simple. You predict where it’s going to rain next and if you get it right, you win £10!

You also gain points which you can put towards family days out, meals and discounts online.

You make your prediction by clicking on a square on the Google interactive map. Each square represents an ‘accurately proportioned’ 4km spot where you then proceed to choose the day and time you think it’s going to rain.

It’s a good, engaging campaign from Walkers. It’s reminds us a bit of the Orange ‘Spot the bull’ idea, but this is a great competition to get people involved, and the mechanic is spot on.

It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out and no doubt with the weather like it is at the moment, Walkers will be giving away a lot of £10 notes.

Find out more about us by visiting our website



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  1. nicspic2608 / Oct 18 2010 15:12

    Glad you like my new campaign 🙂 I’ve not got round to the self-congratulatory post about how awesome it is, but I will do. We’ve already given away 27,208 tenners, and we’re praying for more rain…

    • Adam + Dan / Oct 20 2010 09:31

      Haha, ye it’s a good one! Really like it – well done! 😀

  2. meltonrobbo / Oct 23 2010 11:27

    I cannot get it to print out a voucher. Tried twice and twice it has taken away my points. No helpline till Monday 9.00 am either.

  3. palangkaraya2008 / Nov 16 2010 22:04

    I’ve won 30 pounds out of 5 prediction.
    The last two I didn’t win because in this latest week, everybody, seems to me, has put their prediction where bbc weather says it’s going to rain. Now you can only have a ‘good spot’ if you make the prediction on their website between 8 AM to around 9.30 AM. After that, all the ‘good spot’ has been taken.

    So, not only you have to hope that BBC weather is right in their prediction, you need also to wake up early in the morning to get a ‘good spot’ for yourself. From my point of view, there’re too many serious and tough competitors nowadays.

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