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October 14, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Social media campaign from Greater Manchester Police

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]It’s not often that you see a social media campaign from the police. But this one is simple, informative and already causing plenty of attention. To highlight the sheer amount of incidents they deal with over a 24-hour period, they have set up 3 twitter accounts.

They will log each call they receive and post a short tweet about what that call was about.

They are currently updating their feeds with several calls each minute with calls from bad driving to assaults, robbery and attacks by dogs.

It’s definitely worth a look as it’ll make you aware of the amount of calls they deal with in a single day. You can view the twitter accounts here – @gmp24_1 @gmp24_2 @gmp24_3They’ll be running for 24 hours until tomorrow.

There’s some great calls aswell for those who want to be entertained. Such as:

However this is our favourite call of the day:

Find out more about us by visiting our website



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  1. Dan Brown / Oct 14 2010 16:59

    You missed the complaint about “a man not walking a dog in a popular dog-walking spot”… Disappointed. I thought it would have made any Top 5.

  2. Shib / Oct 14 2010 17:04

    Quality idea! Sure to get loads of media attention….I bet some of them aren’t legit ones though, surely?!

  3. Adam + Dan / Oct 14 2010 17:07

    They’re all legit Shib, this is the type of shit people call the police with. Which reminds us, we’ve got a mystery bus to catch.

  4. AP / Oct 14 2010 17:19

    I found a few funnies from earlier. I shall spend tonight sifting through the hundreds more calls to find some more.

    though the gravy takes some topping. Oh wait, must dash. I need to move my tent

  5. bob / Oct 15 2010 11:28

    gmp24_0 and gmp24_7 are fake accounts…

    one of them even got told to remove the shield from the account for copyright infringement

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