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October 13, 2010 / Adam + Dan

The reason apps are great

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]We’re realising that our blog is slowly becoming like that child at school, whose parents never come to collect them. But that must only mean one thing. We must do more blogging.

Recently we were talking about iPhone apps and how every brand seems to want one at the moment. Which is great if you can find something useful to create, but there’s a few brands out there who seem to be creating them ‘just because’.

Apps have been around for a while. We all had phones a few years ago where we bought games and little applications for around £4.99. And  that’s exactly why they didn’t take off. The reason apps do so well is because they are so cheap. Plus they’re many that offer lite versions for free so we can try before we buy. People are more than happy to pay 59p/79p for an app to keep them entertained than splash out £5 on something that might not be any use to them.

The fact that the lite versions are normally full of ads encourages us to buy them too, and for 59p it’s normally worth paying to eradicate them.

Apple hit it right on the head charging small amounts for their apps. Personally when I had my Samsung, I brought 1 game throughout the entire time in owning it, whereas I know I have spent at least £20 on apps since I’ve invested in an iPhone.

The app market is now worth over 15 billion pounds and Apple know exactly what they are doing. Everytime someone interacts with a brands application, they will more than likely be accessing it on an Apple iPhone. That means they’ll still interact with Apple no matter what brand’s app it is.

It says something when you see brands like Samsung creating an app for the Apple iPhone. If you can’t beat them, join them.

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