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August 22, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Neuro Drinks – Or is it shampoo?

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]I know we aren’t the only ones, as many people we’ve asked has said the same things.

You may have seen the advert on tube stations advertising the drinks shown.

Now at first glance you’d think it’s a new range of shampoo, but it’s not until further inspection you see it’s for a new range of drinks that assist you in keeping slim to re-hydrating you throughout the day.

They’re drinks that would prove very popular, but you have to question the amount of people who’d ignore them thinking it was shampoo at first glance.

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  1. Alec East / Aug 23 2010 10:25

    Brilliant, isn’t it?

    The problem is that the “packshots” are just mock-up illustrations. The bottle is really cylindrical, like a normal drink bottle, but the product branding doesn’t wrap around the bottle, making it appear 2d and flat.

    At least we, in the U.K., were spared the full range of Neuro products which includes the “Neuro Gasm”. If you really want to guzzle down a Neuro Gasm, it’s available from the U.S. Site: – and I strongly recommend you watch the video for it.

    Meanwhile we get the more reserved, UK Site:

    Apparently, it does give you shiny, tangle-free hair, though


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