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August 15, 2010 / Adam + Dan

02 Sweets – A nice touch

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false]I recently received a nice surprise from 02 through the post.

It contained some old school sweets.

On the packaging it stated:

Because you’re with 02

Because we wanted to say thanks

Because everyone love sweets

However I couldn’t help but think they missed off a line.

Something along the lines of “Because you’re contract is nearly ending”

If they think they’re going to suck up to me with sweets then they know me pretty well. Damn 02.

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  1. Laila and Paul / Aug 17 2010 16:49

    Paul and I may have had something to do with this. Fair point about saying ‘your contract is about to run out.’ But why sell sell sell all the time. Why not just do something nice and free with no strings attached?
    It’s a rarity as people are so used to being like ‘what’s the catch’ and there isn’t one.

    • Adam + Dan / Aug 18 2010 15:59

      It’s a great little idea indeed and it certainly makes you feel good. Well done guys, really like it 🙂

  2. Bitchbag / Aug 20 2010 15:27

    The reason you wouldn’t put the line “because your contract is ending…” is because it sounds desperate and so far away from 02’s TOV.

    I can’t help being annoyed with the continuous use of because.

    ‘Cute’ thought.


  3. Hjonesy / Aug 24 2010 15:58

    Interesting….as my contract approached the end with o2, recently, I heard nothing from them. Not even a phonecall, let alone ruddy sweets!

    I called them up to switch to Vodafone and despite speaking with 2 separate people there wasn’t even a “So sorry to hear you’re leaving us” or “May I ask why you’re leaving us today?”.

    Nothing. Not a jelly bean.

    I said I wanted to leave and the curt reply was “Ok, you’ll be after your PAC then yeah?”.

    Charming. See yer later o2.


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