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July 20, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Dr Pepper – Is this just a great PR stunt?

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Before now, only media savvy and probably just a percentage of people knew about the latest Dr Pepper status update campaign on Facebook. It was and still is a great campaign, there’s no denying that.

But just imagine if all this hype about the “2 girls 1 cup” update (that’s not a link to the video by the way – don’t worry), was all just to generate PR about the campaign.

The complaint appeared on mumsnet (via @andymarkpeel) which has not only opened up a brand new secondary market – mums, but generated plenty of hype amongst the media, tv, bloggers and the twiteratti. It doesn’t matter if the campaign gets ‘pulled’ everyone will know about Dr Pepper, who have always been known for their risky advertising. And if you didn’t know about the campaign before, then you sure do now! From what was a digi-social media idea with no other media to back it up has now appeared on blogs, television and newspapers. Clever huh?

Maybe the campaign was losing steam a little and they needed to spice it up a bit? C’mon it might be possible? After all, the mother involved ‘Mrs Rickman’ was fizzing with rage. Nice choice of words. And who cares if mums get offended? The drink’s not primarily aimed at them in the first place – everyone our age is finding the whole story really quite funny so it’s only making us more aware of the brand.

Plus, the amount of blogs, articles, jokes, comments and interviews we’ve seen today that have included a play on words off the famous phrase ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ is huge. Now everyone’s saying it!

OK, it’s probably not a stunt, but even if it’s not, it’s great publicity for the brand and will all blow over. After all who really cares? We’re not offended – people get ‘Facebook raped’ a lot worse at university, believe us!

Surely the biggest concern here is that there are people out there who eat shit for money.

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  1. shib / Jul 20 2010 23:05

    Dr. Peppppppper, what’s the worst that could happen?

    Agree with you guys, media stunt all the way! Mumsnet, angry middle aged women, journo’s love that shit!

    To be honest, I personally thought some of the “takeovers” were a bit tame, made me switch off….

  2. charlesrowat / Jul 20 2010 23:29

    which has not only opened up a brand new market – mums

    Has it really opened up a brand new market? Any mum wondering why everyone is talking about Dr. Pepper is going to be pretty disgusted when they find out.

    At least it wasn’t jarsquatter, eh?

  3. AP / Jul 20 2010 23:50

    Oddly, that was the same for me… that was by far the funniest, and, if targeted at somebody over 18, i’m sure it would have got plenty of laughs, “likes” and would have been what this campaign was all about. The “extreme takeover” was designed to be a bit controversial and if that status hadn’t of landed on a 14 year olds wall, we wouldn’t have been having this conversation. In the app agreement I’m sure it’ll say something about some updates being dodgy, I saw one about “using my mums razor and getting an itch off it”. Hardly PC to start with.

    And as much as everyone wants to point the finger at the creatives, Dr Pepper or the CC Company, think about what she actually saw… A status she didn’t understand and an internet parental blocker. But then imagine trying to explain why she’s suddenly all over the papers/tv and you’ve got your own worst enemy haven’t you?

    “Darling, you’re on the news because your Facebook status had a pornographic message on it”
    “What’s porn?…”

    Oh, and she’s 14 and on Facebook. Everyone knows that’s not a great idea to start with. Especially with Facebook’s loose privacy settings.

    That’s my little rant.


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