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July 13, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Why 3D doesn’t jump out at us

[tweetmeme source=”adamanddan” only_single=false] 3D seems all the rage at the moment.

Everyone is doing it, from films to TV ads. But because people are concentrating more on the 3D element, they are forgetting about the basics. Such as the story or concept behind it. We recently saw an ad for a drink where the drink popped out of the screen and spun around a bit. But that’s all we can actually remember. It wasn’t particularly a great ad, nor even a good one, but a pure example where they had focussed on making something 3D for the hell of it.

Take Avatar for example. Having watched it in the cinema and at home on a normal television its clear that its a film made for cinema. If you take away all the 3D elements and just have to watch it normally you can actually see that the script is rubbish. (Before you moan, think about it, you’re watching blue cartoons in a fairytale world that’s supposed to exist somewhere in space)

OK OK, 3D Tv’s will be out soon, but seriously compared to the cinema it’s no match is it? The screens simply aren’t big enough to provide good 3D and who’s really going to sit infront of a TV with those glasses on for hours and watch it?

Furthermore, for 3D to actually work, you have to be looking at the TV constantly. Look away and it takes time for the glasses to re-adjust. Think about it, most of the time when you watch TV you want to chat to others around you or multitask, with the TV being on in the background.

So it does beg the question if brands should even think about producing 3D ads unless they’re for the cinema, or being shown at main events where people will be concentrating on the screen.

And if they do make 3D ads, let’s hope they think about the concept first and use 3D to make it better, not the other way round.



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  1. Ruby / Jul 13 2010 11:57

    1. Avatar sucked.

    2. 3D was cool 10-15 years ago when you went to the cinema and wore rubbish cardboard specs. Now it is just another toy for people with too much money and not enough brain cells. No, you do NOT need it in your living room.

  2. rik mistry / Jul 13 2010 12:10

    Couldn’t agree with you more guys. The whole concept of 3DTV in the home is flawed because of our peripheral vision. You stare at screen where something jumps out at you whilst the rest of the world around is static – think of being on a boat and watching the horizon bob up and down as everyone is sitting happily enjoying a meal (a chunder moment if I ever imagined it!).

    Cinema is definately where it’s at and unfortunately nobody has really hit the nail on the head as to how to make the content relevant without it looking too try hard. I think 3D supplemented with something like smell would be the best use of the tech, it may not be the most creative idea but the thought of someone like London Zoo doing a commercial where the animals literally jump out of the screen at you so much so that the pungent aroma of monkey turd fills the nostrils is definately a concept I think would work…may not nessecarily be a joyful experience but it’d definately be different and memorable if you catch my drift…

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