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April 30, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Nice idea, poorly executed

From the view from an apartment in Birmingham, with wonderful views of the rear of the Bullring (also know as the rag market) appeared a stunt from Cadbury’s…or so it seemed.

The stunt consisted of a vending machine that gave away free chocolate. Behind it featured a chalk drawing of chocolate and milk mixing together on the wall. Although feeling a bit like the Coca Cola happiness machine campaign it all looked a bit lost and unprofessional.

Apart from the machine being near enough empty, there was a man who sounded more like a market salesman than a brand ambassador rounding up the troops.

Now the general idea is nice and memorable but it’s the location that let it down more than anything. For those of you who know the rag markets at the back of the Bullring, you’ll know they aren’t the best place. It’s the kind of market where you can smell fish from a mile away. So mmm chocolate and fish. Maybe one for Heston Blumenthal but not for us.

The second thing is the type of people you tend to get around there. Predominantly it’s not exactly Cadbury’s core audience. And not the type of people who will tell their friends about the brand. The vending machine attracted mainly elderly couples who were probably more attracted to the idea of getting a bargain than connecting with the brand.

It’s not the idea we don’t think is right here, it’s the location. If this is connected to Cadbury, you’d think they would want primal positioning at the front of the Bullring where they can at least get a wider audience. Secondly it was all unbranded. The only relation to Cadbury’s was a guy shouting ‘Free Cadbury’s chocolate’ and the chalk drawing behind looking familar to their recent ad.

It all seemed a bit confusing to be quite honest.

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