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April 15, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Sussex Safer Roads Ad

Thanks to @n_e_i_l_B for telling us about this ad.

We watched it today and it’s such an emotional and powerful 60seconds. It takes away the usual scaremongering of not wearing your seat belt and replaces it with a bond you can’t help but be a part of. Top marks to Rockutainment who wrote and directed the ad, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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  1. Cal / Apr 15 2010 17:21

    I really love this ad. It’s so refreshing to see a tired formula completely thrown away and replaced with something creative, refreshing and encouraging. We’ve all seen ‘scary’ road safety ads with crashes slowed down, ‘this melon is your head in an accident’, etc. etc., but as you say, so nice to see something different.

    • Mike / Apr 16 2010 13:53

      Yes this is an amazing ad! I saw this a while ago, but it is still impactful using the emotion and drama. This video has actually turned viral and has made its way across the world! The agency, in Brighton I think, is doing really well out of this!
      Great stuff.

  2. Claire / Apr 16 2010 13:53

    Lovely. I’m quite glad he didn’t just go flying off about the screen.

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