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April 5, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Go Compare the Meerkat…6 months on

Last year (about 6 months ago) we wrote a post on the effects of Go Compario And Compare the Market. 6 months on, we thought it would be interesting to see how things had changed.

Facebook Fans                  October                        April

The Meerkat                        592,494                       714,118
Go Compario                         2,156                          3,713

Twitter Fans                      October                        April

The Meerkat                          27,592                      37,263
Go Compario                           117                            318

So overall, in roughly about 6 months, have gained 131,295 more followers across their social media channels whereas GoCompare have gained only 1,758 new followers.

Please note, these facts are correct at the time we wrote the blog posts and merely an observation.

Some people have said they’re getting bored of The Meerkat. But he continues to get followers so providing the audience doesn’t become bored with Aleksandr, then they should be safe. Personally, we still think he’s awesome and it’s interesting to see the different ways they are pushing him out.

Gio Compario on the other hand doesn’t really seem to get talked about that much and the ad that starred Jimmy Carr seemed to get the public interacting with it based on the fact that they enjoyed seeing Gio get tortured/hurt. (check the YouTube Comments)

Now, obviously we don’t know who gets more business, but it’s clear that for brand exposure and publicity, the Meerkat trumps on that one.  The power of successful social media eh?

But is there another contender in the running?

We have recently been incredibly impressed with the adverts starring Omid Djalili! He’s a great ambassador for the brand and using a celebrity is far more versatile. Yes it has its risks, but a comedian is generally more popular and less likely to be caught in a public scandal. Also if the audience get bored of them, it’s easy to just change the ambassador to a more suitable candidate.

GoCompare and Compare the Meerkat would probably have trouble doing that as the ‘stars’ have become to associated with the brand. You’ll always associate Compare the Market with Meerkats, and you’ll also associate Go Compare with Gio Compario.

Aleksandr made comparing fun and has been successful, but we think could give them a run for their money. Let the battles commence.

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  1. Toy Meerkats / Apr 15 2010 12:44

    I think the meerkat has gone beyond an advertising campaign for insurance. I think the Omid Djalili advert is much more relevant.

    But Aleksandr isn’t going to go away. Who else can foresee a TV series or even a film on it’s way…?!

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