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March 30, 2010 / Adam + Dan

On the look for our own place

After a long time searching, we’ve turned to Twitter for help, so please RT this or ask around if you can/want to help us.

It’s just the time has come for us to seriously start looking for our own place. We need a pretty imminent move to be honest, as our backs are nearly giving way. We’ve ached more in the last 2 months than an 90 year old on a trampoline.

Our good friend Shib has allowed us to stay on the floor in his quaint flat in North West London, however we feel the time to flee the nest and reinstate our backs to a normal posture.

It’s not that we don’t like the floor. We do. It’s amazing how much you look forward to sitting on it after a long days work. However when you see the outline of your arse moulding into laminate flooring, you know it’s time to move on.

Due to limited facilities Tesco has been robbing us of our hard earned money on cheap microwavable meals, pot noodles and tea that tastes like urine. We’re now friends with the security guard who now knows we won’t knick anything just because we have a northern accent.

This post is to just ask for any advice, leads or introductions you can give to us in finding our own place.

We only want something in a short term contract for ourselves. We might even want to be moving in with Shib. Who knows.

Call us snobs, call us posh, but we don’t want to get stabbed.

So please, nice areas, 2/3 bedrooms (both appreciated) Decent interiors, preferably furnished and that doesn’t smell like rotting skunk.

We’ve look on Gumtree etc, so we need advice really on areas/pricing/any advice really would be really appreciated. We even spent the other day looking at some. They were ok, but we’ve lived the student slum. We want somewhere decent.

It’s hard being a creative team, especially starting off. We don’t want to look forward to Pot Noodle anymore. That’s not how we roll.

A few details of what we’re looking for:

-2 or 3 bedrooms – of decentish size
-6months contract
-Not to far away from some tube station
-No more than 100-120 each a week. So suppose that’s about 8-900 a month overall, or 1200 a month if it’s a 3 bed place.

We don’t mind the commute in so doesn’t matter if it’s like zone 3 or 4 or beyond…but we not too keen on house/flat shares. As we all have girlfriends, would be a little crowded at the weekend if they all came down, so our own place would be ideal!

Any help would be great! Thanks guys, in advance.

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