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March 23, 2010 / Adam + Dan

No Tech Day – Practical Action

No Tech Day is a project we (Adam + Dan) have been working on during our time at Rabbit for Practical Action.

To raise awareness about the lack of technology available in developing nations, Practical Action are challenging people to go without all technology for a whole 24 hours!

It might seem easy, but for a brief 20 minutes when my phone battery went on the tube the other day, it was the most stressful I’ve been in a long time.

We have also been working on a series of adverts to support No Tech Day and future Practical Action Donation which you can see here.

We’re going to give it a go and hope that this Saturday won’t be too stressful without tech! You can see all the banned tech here. Could you go without?

Not only that, but you can also win an iPad once they hit the shops! All you have to do is sign up and get your friends to vote for you! The person with the most votes with an iPad! Simple as that. It’s a nice campaign showing awareness and will really show how dependent we have come to be on technology, whereas others have to do without.

You can visit the site here

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Click here to view main website


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