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March 18, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Peter the wild boy – Kensington Palace

We recently came across a MPU banner advertising Peter the wild boy. It looked a bit like a horror film at first and we’re always up for a scare. So having clicked on it, we got taken to a blog, about, yep you guess it. Peter, who is the wild boy. {Insert ‘simples’ meerkat noise here} There’s a video about a security guard talking about the new mystery and what’s recently be unveiled.

It didn’t take us long to work out it was a campaign for Kensington Palace. (At least we hope it is after writing this post so confidently)

It’s a nice little campaign though, using the history of Peter the wild boy and bringing it back to present day to try and attract visitors. What’s encouraging is that, it looks like places of culture are starting to think about their marketing. Appeal is slowly dying out amongst younger people so this will definitely get them interested. I didn’t find it scary, but it’s not aimed at someone whose in their early 20’s. This is for families with children in their early teens and I think it’s nice.

The campaign outlines their intention to do something different to attract visitors and it’s not exactly costly either. They’re using the power of blogging and social networks to cause a little bit of a stir. It’s not Night Of The Museum, but it’s still a pretty slick idea and has already got people talking. Let’s hope they develop it further and make more out of it!

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  1. Melissa / Apr 3 2010 09:07

    Here’s another video about it

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