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March 9, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Pay to be Kidnapped

Imagine you’re after a burst of adrenaline, you’re a thrill seeker waiting to get that rush. What do you do? Sky jump? Water Ski?

Of course not. Why not pay to get kidnapped? Unexpectedly.

Ultime Réalité, which, I’m almost certain from my French lessons, translates to Ultimate Reality, is a French company that allows you to sign up and request to be abducted. The company has a variety of simulated kidnapping packages, for example, the participant may be abducted without any warning at all from their home, whilst they are shopping, or even after a meal.

The paying kidnappees are then bound, gagged and imprisoned from 4 to 10 hours. They have a variety of scenarios they can choose when booking it allowing them to experience the terror of the real thing. The company also states that you can include additional elements such as ransom, escapes and helicopter chases to add to realism.

It’s a pretty scary thought that this is now a business, and one that seems to be doing quite well. Not sure it would work over here though. I can see many a stag do prank going very wrong.

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