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February 21, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Shocking New Abuse Campaign

Recently came across this shocking new campaign making awareness of abuse and violence in teenager relationships. The powerful ad entitled “if you could see yourself” really will make anyone think. There are two versions of the ad, one from the girls prospective and the other from the boys.

The website is pretty cool too, with a variety of different videos allowing you to choose the outcome. The problem with this campaign is it’s too good. Too good for teenagers. Just look at this live poll they have on their website. It definitely shows the immaturity of the audience.

But you’re not going to get serious answers and leaving those results up may do more damage than good. People always side with the majority so it may even make them reconsider their initial thought.

Maybe linking this to Facebook would have been a better option so to actually vote, you have to connect your profile with your response, making it less anonymous.

It also bothers me that they have focused purely on abuse towards women within teenage relationships. Many males also get abused, whether it be verbally or through an action that will publicly embarrass them or lower their confidence. I think there is a big gap they have missed there.

From an advertising point of view, I think it’s great. Powerful and emotional. However it’s wasted on the audience. It almost scare mongers them and the only way to react to that is through teenage bravado.

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