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February 4, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Kingfisher goes curry crazy

Surprisingly enough, this is our first post with anything to do with Curry, but unsurprisingly it won’t be our last.

This week saw Kingfisher release a new ad campaign to try and dominate the curry market. It seems Cobra is still the larger that’s associated with curry, but they don’t seem to market it offline that much. They haven’t really progressed openly, with the majority of their cool stuff being left on their curry based website. After their sponsorship for National Curry Week this obviously left a gap in the market.

Kingfisher released these simple yet effective ads and it’s probably enough to encourage consumers to choose or at least try Kingfisher with their curry. They’ve put larger and curry together in one print ad. That’s what consumers want. However there is only so much you can do with curry and advertising, so it will be interesting to see what either do to gain the market.

It seems a classic example of utitlizing all media instead of focusing mainly online which is what Cobra seem to be doing. They need to get out there and publicize it more offline aswell. More so, integrate everything. When will we see some wacky PR from these brands and get some free curry! However from just looking at the two brands, they seem a bit similar at the moment. Although more forced from Cobra as shown below, you have to think, who came up with the idea first?

Kingfisher haven’t gone the full hog yet with the curry theme on their website but if they play their cards right, this could be the start of an interesting market battle.

But for us, aslong as there is curry, we’re happy.

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