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February 3, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Kindness Cards

2010 is the year of Random Acts of Kindness, so say hello to Boom Boom cards. The intentional acts of kindness kit!

It’s a wonderful invention of tracking how your kindness is spread around the world.

You pick a card, any card. The card may say something like “buy a stranger a cup of coffee” Once you have done this act of kindness, you can then give the card to someone else to complete too, in the hope they replicate the act. When they do, they register their experience on the Boom Boom website.

Each card is given a unique tracking code so you can see how far the kindness you initiated has been spread across the world.

It’s a catchy idea that will help spread kindness worldwide. However it’s still effort. Not to do the act, but to register, log in and so on. This would work so much better as an iPhone app, with a different act of kindness everyday. Users should then be able to pass along the act registering their completion with technology such as FourSquare to track the locations they’ve just completed it in.

It will be nice to see how it’s developed, or if another company comes up with something better. But it’s only a trend. If they want to capture a wider audience, they need to go where there market is. And at the moment, that’s on the move. So iPhone apps, are vital.

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