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February 1, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Facebook and Twitter can alter employment

When it comes to jobs, people often forget with social networking sites, they will be checked. A recent survey showed 70 per cent of employers admitted to rejecting a candidate due to their online behaviour.

It’s easy enough to put on a professional image to prospective employers to appear hardworking and sensible. But if your social networking profile displays drunken brawls, crude images and comments, then it could put your next position in jeopardy.

An online reputation seems to be having more of an effect as it’s a place people feel they can be themselves and relax, especially if they don’t have the necessary privacy settings. It has also been found that 28% of employers had fired people due to their comments on social networking.

Just look at what happened to a girl named Lindsay when she displayed her anger for her job on her Facebook site. (click the image to view it bigger)

Even if she hadn’t got her boss added, privacy settings play a big part. If you allow ‘Friends of your Friends’ to view your profile you leave yourself open to so many people seeing your status, comments or pictures.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends on the site. So if you do allow friends of your friends to view your profile, that’s on average 16,900 people that can view your profile, 15,600 you don’t actually know. Scary huh?

However it’s also been found that a strong professional online presence can help you get that dream job. So don’t be scared about using networking sites, just be careful how you use them.

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