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January 21, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Ever wanted an excuse to leave work early?

Companies lose up to 2 billion pounds a year due to employee absenteeism because of child welfare problems. Does it annoy you that people get to leave work early or have the day off to look after their ill child?

Problem solved. For roughly ten English pounds. You can buy a kid. Woah! Madonna wannabees, this isn’t what you think.

This is The Office Kid! A little case complete with a picture in a frame and a drawing of your happy family.

All you have to do is name you child, display all the pictures around your office and then you’ll never miss happy hour again. It’s the perfect excuse!

Awesome. Visit if you want to buy one. I would, but I’ve gotta get off to pick up my little boy Mick from school.

That’s a joke by the way. Call it sarcasm.

Like I’d call a child Mick?

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  1. Yazmin / Jan 21 2010 09:43

    HAHAHA brilliant!!! x

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