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January 18, 2010 / Adam + Dan

WW3 – Asda vs Tesco

Asda and Tesco, two large companies with a fierce world presence at the moment, both venturing into every sector they possibly can.

They are currently playing the price battle but we’ve admired how Asda do it for sometime now.

I’m sure you’ll recognise the image featuring two moving arrows displaying the number of lower prices each have. It’s played to the theme of the pretty funky Dad’s Army opening tune.

The ad might not look like much, but there is so much thinking and strategy behind it, which is why we love it. The fact that they use the Dad’s Army theme tune will remind us of the opening credits where two arrows battle it out. One representing Great Britain, the other representing Hitler and Germany.

That’s exactly what Asda are showing here. Tesco are the baddy, the rival and the enemy, leaving Asda the victorious winner. It’s more a message to Tesco to show that they won’t be beaten, even if they are bigger, Asda will win the supermarket war.

It’s a simple concept executed really well. It shows that advertising doesn’t have to be complicated to carry a strong message or be effective. We just sometimes don’t immediately see the strategy until we think about it. And that’s the clever bit here.

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