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January 18, 2010 / Adam + Dan

More damage than good? iPhone Surgeon.

We are all for iPhone apps, they are definitely part of an integrated future. However, here is one that we think could do more harm than good.

The iPhone Surgeon allows the user to perform ‘surgery’ on patients which include breast enhancements, nose jobs, facial reconstruction and body adjustments. Not only this, but the app also allows the user to take a picture of themselves or others and change parts of the photo, enhancing them, smoothing parts out or reducing them in size.

Yes, you can argue that it’s possible to do this in Photoshop but an app is very cheap to buy. This will make it all the more accessible for people, especially teens who are unhappy with their body. We are already seeing an increasing number of younger people having plastic surgery without knowing the really risks and this will only worsen the situation.

Saying that, making your friend face look like a distorted cat sounds pretty funny.

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