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January 14, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Twitter and it’s waffle free effect on advertising

It was seen in the news last week that Twitter can make comedians wittier. 140 characters is a challenge to many comics to write shorter, wittier jokes, similar to our favourite comedian Jimmy Carr.

So how can this relate to advertising? Established twitterers will know that the more successful tweets are the catchy, to the point, witty bullets of information. Just get to the point and share it.

Shouldn’t that be how advertising is? To the point, waffle free information. (Btw, how tasty does that waffle look?)

People don’t want to read loads of copy to be sold a product. They want the main points summed in a ‘sight-sized’ glance. Too much text looks daunting to anyone. Since joining Twitter ourselves, we’ve had to condense our usual blubber into 140 characters or less. ‘Wivout da need of shortnin’ to txt spk’ – That’s just lazy.

On the other hand, it also allows people to show their appreciation of advertising by sharing content that they like with others. It’s probably easier for something to become viral now more than ever since the introduction of Twitter.

The times sumed Twitter up perfectly by calling it a ‘endlessly inventive rolling humour feed’. It is! And humour, we think is a huge part of making an ad. If you can make someone laugh, just once a day, then they’ll remember you for it.

No doubt Twitter won’t be around forever, but it will be here for some time. And whilst it is, it will continue to be a learning playground.

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