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January 13, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Google street view advertising

Yesterday Google announced that, after a new patent was awarded on the 7th January this year, they will start to advertise on Street View.

But not just any advertising.

This new technology will identify any posters, billboards and buildings from it’s current images and give advertisers the chance to replace these images with more up-to-date adverts.

The example they gave was a theatre. If a theatre had advertising outside their venue, they could pay to update it with an advertisement about their latest show. The advert could also contain a hot link from the image to a website or microsite containing more information.

Some companies that would benefit would be TFL, hotels, LastMinute.Com and restaurants. With the development of street view looking to expand in the future, we wonder how long it will be before they link with FourSquare, the next big thing.

You never know, you might see us advertising ourselves outside advertising agencies in London! Although realistically, you probably won’t.

What’s interesting, is that any unclaimed space will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, which could become interesting if rivals brands and companies choose to occupy the vacant space. Yet again, this is another new form of advertising, especially online. As traditional media seems to fade away and technology clings to us like a shadow, is the future well and truly digital?

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