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January 12, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Facebook flavoured water and ours

Coca-Cola has announced they’ve added a ‘Facebook’ flavour to its Vitamin water range in America. The new drink concoction is called Connect. It was created after a competition from the brands social networking site encouraging users to suggest their own flavours.

We’re normally against brands getting consumers to suggest their own flavours. After all they should know their audience enough to know what they want. It almost seems a desperate attempt to replicate the big Walkers flavour idea.

But it is interesting that Facebook was the chosen flavour. Apart from tasting of lies, deceit, drunkeness and awkward friend requests which hastily hang on your profile until you deny them, it shows how prevalent social media is becoming in our daily lives. So much so that it is now appearing in our drinks.

We imagined what Twitter would taste like as a drink. We thought it would be a shot of something. Whether it be alcohol or espresso, it would be a short burst of goodness and vitality. Try getting 140 characters into a drink and you’ve got a pretty juicy drink. If the ingredients are right that is.

This bought us thinking to a piece of work we did last year for a D&AD workshop along with Elmwood design. The brief was to brand water and make it more appealing to the modern day audience. We chose our market as women, who craved unhealthy foods, but were too stubborn to indulge. We wanted to show that you are able to enjoy those unhealthy flavours while piling your body with goodness and hydration.

Here’s what we came up with. The brand was called Infuzion and provided craving flavours without the calories. The bottle design would be in a clean design using a variety or subtle colours to distinguish against the clear glass bottle.
The tagline ‘tickle your cravings’ we felt worked well, as it’s the aim we wanted the water to accomplish. To fulfill your cravings enough, you won’t feel like eating unhealthy food.

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  1. andymarkpeel / Jan 12 2010 10:08

    i think everyone has experimented with drinks. We've had 2 goes at it. We did an inferno xmas smoothie that was xmas pudding and brandy. I actually really liked my home made tasting session!and this for a made up brand what's worse is diet water technically now exists! And maybe its a bit early to have a donner kebab! And facebook vs twitter flavour, i'd had a twitter drink every time.

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