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January 7, 2010 / Adam + Dan

10 seconds of picture fame

Kodak released a nice campaign over the Christmas period in Times Square. It involved some more amazing looking advertising that fills the city attraction.

This involved Kodak giving customers 10 seconds of fame for their pictures they’ve taken on a Kodak camera. The pictures are emailed to the company before they check them and then display them on a large screen in the centre of the city.
You then get sent a code and when you’re ready to see your photo displayed, you text it and hey presto. Your picture appears in the next available slot!

Some might think broadcasting pictures isn’t really very original. Flickr and Facebook both hold millions of photos that are seen by thousands of people each day around the world. So why is this successful?

Well, 10 seconds of fame in a city will make you feel more ‘famous’ than a lifetime of showcasing on the Internet because, it’s appreciation you can measure. There’s a slight exclusivity about showing it in public that you don’t always see when your pictures are on the Internet. Everyone can display talent on the net, but not everyone can have their picture placed in Time Square.

You feel you are interacting with the brand and they are rewarding you by showing your photos. Because of that, you’re more likely to become loyal to them and repay them.

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