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January 4, 2010 / Adam + Dan

Branding a lap dancing company

Picture the scene.

You’re in Stoke-On-Trent and you’re going to set up a lap dancing club. But wait! You need a name. First things first!

After lots of umm-ing and arr-ing, you decide that there can’t possibly be any names left at all. So, you decide to name it after its location. Yes! That sounds good, because it will show its dominance within the area and give the message that it’s Stoke’s only decent lap dancing club. Eureka. Have a cigar.

However you chat amongst yourselves and decide that ‘Stoke lap dancing club’ sounds a bit rubbish. A bit tacky, a bit cheap.

But what about a postcode? Many London clubs name themselves after postcodes and have become famous ‘landmarks’ almost within themselves! Yes that’s it. Bloody brilliant!
You decide to name it after your postcode. It makes sense. It’s all fallen into place. You’re happy, you’re content, frankly, you should put your feet up.

Hang on a cotton picking minute! Take those feet back down! Don’t you realise what you’ve just done? You’ve named your lap dancing club after your postcode! What were you thinking? Do you not realise where your club is!? Your postcode is ST1…yes. A letter ‘S’, a letter ‘T’ and a number ‘1’.

Now, whats the big deal you ask? Well, it may be the first 3 letters of your postcode, but it also looks incredibly like STI – which stands for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Well done. Congratulations. Bravo. Encore.

Now many of their promotional leaflets get given to drunken students and the more mature on a night out. One look at that in your beer goggles, you’re going to see STI, not ST1.

It even begs the tagline, “Sit on my lap, I’ll give you the clap,” (yes, I made that up, just this minute)

However, give them credit, they’ve been going about 2 years now, so must be doing well.
I’m not one to judge, they’ve been way more successful calling their club ST1 than I would be changing my name to Chlamydia.

Now there’s a thought.

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  1. Rob Mortimer / Jan 8 2010 09:27

    I'm pretty sure they were there years ago when I was in Stoke. Went past it but happily was never drunk enough to go in!

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