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December 21, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Gordon’s Gin

Being a big fan of Gordon Ramsay, it’s good to see what he’s up to. I’m not a fan of Gin though. Nothing personal. I just don’t like the taste of what I imagine stagnant water tastes like.

After seeing the recent Gordon’s Gin ad, I was a little disapointed. Visually, I thought it was amazing however, apart from being ‘Gordon Ramsay’s’ Gin, what else does the advert say?

In my opinion, they are relying solely on Gordon Ramsay to promote their drink without giving the brand a personality or an opportunity to build a relationship with the consumer. Gordon Ramsay is a dominant figure in the cooking world, but obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. It was announced a few weeks ago that sales had actually gone down since he had started representing the brand, but being a celebrity, your popularity will always affect for sponsors. Just look at Tiger woods.

Gordon’s Gin doesn’t particularly have much competition. What other noticeable Gin is there commercially available?

Maybe this means that they feel they only have to rely on a popular figure to promote their product. But I don’t think they should. Being the dominant brand in Gin, they should come up with something to capture the nation and maybe get more people drinking gin. It’s definitely not everyone’s first choice when they go into a bar.

I’m not against the use of Gordon Ramsay, I just think they rely too much on his values to represent the brand. It could backfire one day. If Gordon Ramsay has a bad press ordeal, then what next?

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  1. Tom / Dec 21 2009 11:07

    I agree. Agency republic coulda tried harder here.They went for something that is visually interesting, perhaps memorable, but ultimately doesn't very much. (It might suggest refreshment, I guess).The line 'The G in G&T' is perfect though.

  2. Adam And Dan / Dec 21 2009 13:50

    Deffo, we forgot about the line. Good spot! It's certainly perfect for the execution they delivered anyway.

  3. Tom / Dec 21 2009 15:16

    That was supposed to be "doesn't say very much."

  4. Adam And Dan / Dec 21 2009 15:45

    Gotcha 😉 – Sorry busy day!

  5. AdChav / Dec 21 2009 20:10

    trubble is if his missus batterd him around the face wiv a golf club and made him drive into a wall he mite acshurly look betta

  6. Nick Myers / Dec 22 2009 08:24

    Apparently Gordon Ramsay researched better than both Gordon Brown and Gordon the Gopher.

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