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December 7, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Sellotape Advert

We came across a nice Sellotape Advert the other day. When we saw it, our first impression was, ‘oh dear’. But then we watched it again and thought, actually, that’s pretty cool.

The ad presents a mind reader telling us he will read our minds. We’re intrigued. He says, he’s going to show us an image. He does! Its one that looks like this:

We immediately say ‘Sellotape’. God damn, he’s right. He read our minds!

Actually, no he didn’t. It’s just dominated market ownership.

Little did we know, Sellotape is actually the leading brand of clear, pressure sensitive tape in the United Kingdom. Not just a product name. Yes! – However, Sellotape in the USA and UK is used as a generic name for all brands of clear sticky tapes.

Now we know that, how clever is that ad? It’s basically telling us they own the market. More than likely, always will!


Click here to view the Sellotape advert (We’ll add it to the blog when it comes on YouTube)

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