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December 3, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Social Networking is the future – The Crème Brûlée Man

It’s nice to see social networking working for companies like Compare The Market, but it’s also nice to see it working for smaller companies.

A man in America has used Twitter to grow his business selling Crème Brûlée from a small stall! His store is mobile so it travels round America in a variety of locations. Every day he has different flavours on offer but also changes where he is based due to popular demand. People come in their hundreds for one of his Crème Brûlée’s.
Some of the flavours are Frosted Flakes, Coffee, Baileys Irish Cream, White Russian, Vanilla Bean and Lavendar.

Due to his massive popularity, he decided to set up a Twitter page informing the public where he will be over the next few days and they seem to flock to him. Having nearly 10,000 followers, Twitter is allowing him to grow and develop his business which is truly unique. You normally only get Crème Brûlée in posher restaurants so it’s nice to see him exploit a rarer cuisine and make it more public.

Having been to America many times, we are fully aware of the numerous food karts containing uncooked, old ‘chicken’ kebabs. This is definitely different and is definitely a reason for us to go back (if we ever needed one).

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