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December 3, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Recent gems!

We love originality, especially creative ideas. These are a couple that have really caught our eye recently!

Turkey off!

Albion are working with The Christmas Farm to give us, a little more power when it comes to turkey’s lives. It’s the farmers first year being turkey farmers and they have become too attached to their turkeys. They’ve decided to keep one as a pet. And we are given the choice which one they save. It’s a great idea, have a look! – Ace idea guys.

Another one we came across on Twitter was the Phone Box Experiment. ‘Rob’ has decided to camp next to a phone box in the middle of nowhere whilst displaying the number online. He is then taking phone calls from anyone who wants to speak to him from anywhere around the world! What an amazing opportunity to meet new people. It will definitely be an experience he won’t forget. Have a look!
Great stuff, keep them coming!

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  1. Biscuit Barrel / Dec 4 2009 12:07

    Both of these are really interesting! Just nice ideas to put out there and at low cost. Creativity without all the inhibitions in a way.

  2. Adam And Dan / Dec 5 2009 00:05

    Yeah! Simple, low budget, but interesting and intriguing ideas!

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