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December 2, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Cheeky new campaign for sunglasses

With the help of Italian agency Y&R, Glassing Sunglasses released this cheeky campaign to show their edgy new brand of sunglasses. Using buttocks as a face and the catchy tag line, ‘kiss my glass’ we think it works well.

You can tell that these are sunglasses with attitude, cheekiness and for the cool kids only. It’s always important to get a good first impression from a brand, especially in a tough market such as sunglasses and designer specs.

It will be interesting to see where they go next and how they keep the cheekiness up. It would be nice to see how this transfers across a campaign in the social sector, online television if needed.

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  1. shib / Dec 3 2009 23:27

    forget talking out of your ass, it's all about looking.

  2. Adam And Dan / Dec 5 2009 00:06

    We agree. It also suggests when you wear the glasses you get a growth on your face…

  3. Tom / Dec 7 2009 15:35

    "Wear our glasses, look like an ass" I like it.Was the describing the 'cheekiness' of the ad an intentional pun?

  4. Adam And Dan / Dec 7 2009 22:13

    Most certainly! All puns are intentional in this blog! 🙂

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