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November 19, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Women friendly taxis

A trend happening around the globe at the moment features women friendly taxis. The Pink Taxi company has tested out it’s service from London to Mexico and it seems to be working well.

It is meant as a safe means of transport and the taxis will not stop for men if flagged down (No change there then). The cars are also equipped with beauty kits, GPS and emergency panic buttons, I presume incase they slip with their make up.

All the taxis are only driven by women to enhance the safety of the drive. We are all for this personally. The service is currently expanding around the globe so expect to see it appearing near you very soon.

There are increasing stories of women being harassed or in the worst case scenario abused by some male taxi drivers. From our own experience at University, we know of at least 5 girls who have said to have been grabbed by Taxi drivers or, have even been asked to perform certain acts to ‘cover the costs’. From this it made us even more wary about letting our female friends travel alone especially after a night out in a drunken state.

So this is the perfect answer. Safe and efficient travel if they want it or require it. At least it gives women the choice for a ‘safer’ ride if or when they feel the need to take it.

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  1. shib / Nov 19 2009 23:38

    There is a downside though. Have you ever been in a car with a female driver? Nuff said 😉

  2. Rob Mortimer / Nov 20 2009 16:11

    It's a good idea… but does it not presume that ALL women are safe. I'm sure women do attack other women, just look at any city centre on a night out.

  3. Callum Saunders / Nov 20 2009 16:33

    I agree – nice idea, but how long before the PC brigade come in and say that due to discrimination laws, the company *has* to pick up male passengers??

  4. Adam And Dan / Nov 20 2009 17:28

    Callum – Very true! In Mexico they have introduced Women only carriages on the tube and buses. That's going a bit too far and the PC brigade would definitely be onto that if it came over here.Rob – That is a good point, it won't eradicate attacks all together but I think it will lower them and at least give those who feel they need it a choice.Shib – I imagine Sheila's wheels will be taking care of the insurance!

  5. Bobbie Leisher / Mar 9 2010 22:21

    Hello, First of all, what a cool article! i’m just researching for my blog but i had issues reading this post due to the text protruding in to the menu…. Edit: sorry, my fault, its my ancient version of internet explorer causing the fault. May be worthwhile asking people to update. Keep up the good work.

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