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November 18, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Spotify Vs iTunes

We listen to it at work, at home and on our iPhones. Spotify is the new generation of music. With an online library of millions of songs all available to stream for free, Spotify is ever growing.
To many, iTunes seems a thing of the past but for some, it is still essential as it has the availability to transfer your songs to your iPod.

Figures released yesterday show that iTunes still lead the ‘online streaming arena’ with 17 per cent. Spotify was second with 12 per cent which is a great achievement since its launch on 7th October 2008.

In just a year Spotify has changed what everyone thought would be a successful future for iTunes. By allowing people to access music for free is everybodies dream. After all, you get bored of a song after a week or so. What a waste of 79p. The worst thing about iTunes is that when you hear a preview of the song, they seem to choose the most boring 30seconds for us to listen to. I’d much rather listen to it in Spotify and just drag it into a playlist.

From an advertising point of view, Spotify is a great new channel to advertise on. Although, not many companies have found a very successful way to do this just yet, hopefully given time, it will improve. Obviously no-one wants to listen to the ads when you’re playing your favourite songs, but if it makes the music free, people will put up with them. They are quite annoying though. Especially the ones urging you to upgrade to Spotify premium.

Little trick for you: The ad break on Spotify averages at 1 minute – 1 minute and 30 seconds. It takes on average 20 seconds for you to close the program and re-open it! Problem solved.

iTune seems to have given up just lately. With a reduction in advertising and presence, it seems a little quiet. Maybe they are coming up with something right now to take Spotify out of the race. There are many disadvantages of Spotify that make iTunes better. The main disadvantage of Spotify is the interface. It looks plain, is a bit awkward to use and not a patch on the established iTunes. They also only currently offer mp3 quality for their songs unlike the mp4 that iTunes boasts. With Facebook groups being created about the hatred for Spotify ads, this is another string iTunes could pull to make sure they keep their traffic.

Spotify won’t take over yet, but after just a year, it is already improving every day. We think if iTunes don’t do something soon, the figures may be even closer next year.

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  1. Biscuit Barrel / Nov 18 2009 02:31

    Do you pay the £9.99 a month to listen to it on your iPhone? I didn't see the need for it personally but it is a great service. The ad's are annoying but not that bad. Someone will figure something that works, maybe Radio ad's will become great again a la 'Real Men of Genius'

  2. Adam Richardson / Nov 18 2009 13:57

    I don't mind the ad's at all, every now any again someone does a good one which makes me smile, more are needed though. Unfortunately for us the IT manager here wondered where all his bandwidth had gone and blocked it. Bad times.

  3. Adam And Dan / Nov 19 2009 00:14

    I suppose from an advertising point of view, we hate them because they make us cringe. But radio ads have always been poor in our opinon.There is a definite market for a brand to make an amazing radio ad or audio for Spotify. If they are going to enforce ads, you want the listener to at least enjoy them.

  4. grahamcreative / Nov 24 2009 09:37

    My main gripe with Spotify is it's complete lack of any new music other than charted stuff. This is all down to opinion I know, but for my taste, it doesn't cut the mustard. It's great for the odd tune, but the effort required to create playlists which a)don't always play the full tune, b)don't always allow you to stream every track in the album, and c) don't have the kind of new stuff that even HMV sell, let alone the music heard on Zane Lowe and Hew's show.Great idea though I agree.

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