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November 17, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Bleeding Bilboards

An ad in New Zealand which was commissioned by Papakura / Franklin District Councils has come under some criticism lately and questions have been asked whether it is effective or not. The billboard advertisement bleeds when it rains to show the consequences of not driving to the conditions.

We think it’s an effective ad and a great idea. It’s certainly new and has got everyone talking about it. However normally, if you’re driving like a maniac on the road in the first place you probably won’t even notice it. For those who do, there is a chance they may be distracted by it perhaps causing more accidents on the road.

Although a nice idea, our only concern is that something like that perhaps won’t be enough to make people think about driving carefully when they are actually on the road.
They need to be taught the dangers before they even put a key in the ignition so they think twice when it comes to considering speeding.

Other than that, as part of an integrated campaign, it could be a success. Let’s see.

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  1. neilballinger / Nov 17 2009 16:47

    I love this. Its like an interactive Red Asphault. I think the powerful mechanics of the ad cause the fantastic direction to be overlooked. The serene and innocent eyes that become interupted by blood. I think a fault of it in some respect is that it is a child in the advert and although an injured/dead child would be the most tragic outcome, fast and iratic drivers are not generally emphasize with having a child in the back of there car being that they are less likely to be family drivers.

  2. Adam And Dan / Nov 19 2009 00:10

    We agree, very good point! Thanks for reading đŸ˜€

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