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November 12, 2009 / Adam + Dan


Christmas is approaching and the first week in December, traditionally brings the chore of buying your Christmas Tree.

You pick out your perfect tree, you decorate it and admire it until the New Year. Unfortuantely it slowly starts to die and then you have to deal with discarding of your tree.

All this hassle gave one company that eureka idea of renting Christmas Trees. You choose your tree, they deliver it and then they pick it up in the new year! As they are eco-friendly, they re-plant the tree and it is good to use the following year.

You can even adopt your own tree so you get the same tree each other as we all know you form a bond with a tree.

After 4 years, the tree is then planted in a forest somewhere to grow into a big, strong tree. It’s a nice idea that is considerate to the environment whilst benefiting the consumer!

Although only available at the moment in the USA as far as we know, it won’t be long until the idea finds its way to Britain. For more information visit – Living

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  1. Moonweaver / Dec 22 2010 10:02

    I love the idea of adopting a Christmas Tree. First, I was thinking about renting only, but adopting is much more cool


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