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November 11, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Meat that looks like faces!

The picture tells it all in this blog post.
In America, they have started to sell Female Cranial Meat for $6 – $7 dollars a pack.

What this means is that the meat is cut to look like a human face with edible ‘features’.
Who would seriously buy meat that looks like this anyway? It is quite alarming that they are allowed to be sold to the general public as the way it is displayed resembles cannibalism.

The ‘chicken like’ taste to them is apparently quite delicious however it is unknown what meat it is actually made up of or what animal it is taken from.

Although alarming and quite disgusting, it got me thinking, if it were a guerrilla stunt for vegetarianism, surely it would make people think about what they are eating?

We don’t even think twice about the chicken or the cow our beef came from so something like it for an anti-meat campaign would really get the message across.

However as far as we know, it’s not which makes it just a bit sick and weird.

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