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November 6, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Cadbury’s New Ad

So we have had Gorillas, cars on a runway and kids who surely got bullied because of their eyebrows. This time, Cadbury have returned to their animal routes and chosen to focus on dogs with their heads sticking out of the window as a Purple Lamborghini races along a road.

Now the ad is nice, makes you laugh and smile at the sight of dogs ears and flabby mouths flapping in the breeze. The music from Strauss’ waltz adds to the tone of the ad, but the question has to be asked what it has to do with Cadbury’s? After all as states – chocolate is poisonous to dogs!

I suppose Cadbury’s philosophy, especially with Dairy Milk is all about having fun and enjoying life by not taking it too seriously. The ad clearly shows that and it’s more interesting than the same generic sexy woman taking a chocolate bar from her secret hiding place. You have to praise Cadbury for trying something different, it’s nice to watch and see what they are going to do next, but it wont be as successful as the Gorilla…

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