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November 5, 2009 / Adam + Dan

3D Week!

Well little to a lot of peoples knowledge, it is 3D week on Channel 4 between the 16th and 22nd November this year. During this week, they will show footage of the Queen in her coronation, Derren Brown’s 3D magic, the film Flesh for Frankenstein and Friday the 13th III. (Oh and some Miley Cyrus crap)

So if you have your 3D glasses then don’t forget to wack them on so you can view the footage properly, otherwise your TV will look a little fuzzy.

It’s nice to see some brands taking advantage of this by making advertising 3D especially for that week.

It seems that a 3D Courvoisier commercial is currently being made. The ad will allow you to experience the joy of cognac right into your home, without there actually being any. Such teases.

Will be interesting to see which other brands create 3D spectaculars for this week.

Oh and if you didn’t know, Sainsbury’s will be handing out glasses just in time for the 3D week.
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