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October 26, 2009 / Adam + Dan

The iPhone price war begins!

Finally, this week week, 02 loses sole ownership of the iPhone deal.

This is fantastic news as although a loyal 02 customer, we all know the iPhone is overpriced for what it is. The iPhone is certainly not perfect yet or bug free. However 02’s ownership of the iPhone has taken away what 02 normally portray in their brand values.

As a network provider, they always offer their customers good value for money and more competitive contracts than their competitors. But not for the iPhone. You don’t really get much for your money in regards to texts or minutes and to even obtain the iPhone free of charge you much purchase a £40 a month contract or higher.

I can understand why they do it and to be honest don’t blame them at all. But now Orange and Vodafone have struck deals to sell the iPhone, then this surely will make things more exciting.

I don’t plan on switching networks to Vodafone or Orange as I don’t personally think they put their customers first, however it will mean that if 02 want to retain customers and gain more through the iPhone, then they will need to drastically offer competitive contracts.

Fancy talk and explanations aside, what we can gain from this blog post is that I cannot afford an iPhone at the moment and can’t wait till I can, so come on 02! Hurry up!

Watch this space!

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  1. Graham Creative / Oct 27 2009 08:10

    Well said. It's what I've expected, or should I say, Hoped. I had a nice lady from T-Mobile trying her hardest to get me to switch yesterday. To the point that she was offering me everything unlimited for a stupidly cheap price. I still refused, on the ground they couldn't offer an iPhone. I WANT ONE!So if you're reading this, O2, my contract's up for renewal in December… and Christmas is good will to all men etc…

  2. Adam And Dan / Oct 28 2009 11:09

    Apparently they say you should pretend you are going to leave the network and then they will put you through to customer loyalty services who will offer you a bonus to stay with them. We had a friend who did that and got about 100 extra minutes with an iPhone. Not much, but it all counts 😉

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