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October 15, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Go Compare the Meerkat!

Is Gio a rushed job to keep up with Compare the market? Image shown above still shows bad photoshop work around the edges.

It annoys us, we suppose coming from a strategic course, that Go Compare isn’t as effective as it could be. You only have to look at the social networking integration of Go Compare to see that Gio Compario hasn’t been as such a hit as they would have liked.

After about a month from release of the first advert, they have a mere 117 followers on twitter and just 2,156 friends on Facebook – compared to the Meerkats 592,494 followers on Facebook and 27,592 fans on twitter.

The adverts staring Gio Compario, an opera singer seems to be a bit like a rushed job! They certainly aren’t using social media effectively which nowadsays is certainly vital amongst brands if they want to capture the consumer.

Take the website. There’s no about page, no information page, just a video, a few pictures saying who is Gio? (which if you’re wondering he’s played by a guy called Wynne Evans) so I don’t know if they wanted to make it harder to find out who he actually was) but it doesn’t engage us in with the character. We don’t feel a connection unlike we and many others do with the meerkat.

The tweets are also only updated every other day whereas the Meerkat has constant twitter and Facebook presence with many replies being to fans.

Gio Compario is a nice idea, it’s a good advertisement with a catchy annoying song but it works! They just havn’t engaged all available media channels effectively.

That’s why compare the market’s Aleksandr works well because it has good, effective cross media integration.

It’s a shame Gio hasn’t captured more hearts and become a Paul Potts icon – (now there’s a viral in itself)

Gio needs a good kick up the arse! Great idea, no real strategy in our opinion.

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  1. hungeryjack / Nov 1 2009 00:47

    Nice post – meerkat pictures ..Keep Posting Ron meerkat pictures

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