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September 14, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Sofa Design Courtside!

You may remember or have heard that we worked with a Sofa Company called Sofa Design during our last year of University as part of a live brief.

They have taken on our work and strategy and is now live! Here’s a little picture of our logo and ‘truly bespoke’ strategy being put into practice. They recently designed seats for an NBNA match held at the 02 arena in London. Here our logo will be for all to see! Nice to see our work out there!

We are still working with Sofa Design producing more work for them as part of 3 Monkeys No Banana



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  1. johndelacruz / Sep 14 2009 12:40

    Brilliant news! Well done Adam, Dan and Chloe – and of course Sam and Shib as part of the original team. I'll get our press office onto this and get some publicity generated. I'll also share it on my blog etc.

  2. shib / Sep 14 2009 20:44

    This is wicked! I still think we should get them to give us a free sofa or two 😉

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