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August 25, 2009 / Adam + Dan

So where are we now??

It’s been nearly 2 months since we graduate from good old Staffordshire University and it’s clear the recession is hitting hard amongst many. A few people on our course have managed to get jobs however in PR, recruitment but nobody yet in the advertising industry.

We knew this would be a difficult time and didn’t want to sit around working in our local Tesco waiting for that perfect job to come along. We set up 3 Monkeys No Banana, an advertising agency working with clients on a freelance basis.

This will give us time to work on live briefs, with live clients to gain extra experience so when jobs do come along, agencies won’t have to waste time a resources training us up.

However our course also contributed to this as it provides a 360 degree approach to the world of advertising so unlike many creatives out there, we know about planning, we know about account management and we know the process from planning to creative and then getting our work infront of clients. It’s been really useful in setting us up for a job when one comes along.

During this time, we are also working on briefs to add to our portfolio to really show our personalities! We want to have a few more campaigns that really show our flair for the industry to really impress!

But hey, we aren’t worrying about the recession! If anything, it’s making us more determined to succeed within the industry. So we will keep at it and keep working so we develop as creatives.
Maybe in 10 tens years time, if we still have no job, then we might just have to get that application form from Tesco.


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  1. Rob Mortimer / Aug 26 2009 10:38

    Keep at it guys.Hope the advice from our lot is helping!

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