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August 22, 2009 / Adam + Dan

Gio Compario

So, we all knew it would be coming sooner or later. But have created their own character to try and add a bit of fun to car insurance.

Obviously trying to capture some of the success that Compare the market had with Alexandr the meerkat, Gio Compario is an opera singer who sings throughout the advert and then is followed up by a ‘dad joke’ of:

“How much do you think they are paying him?”…”Probably only a tenor,”

With recruiting Dragon’s Den Peter Jones to be an ambasador for their brand, it’s only a matter of time before comparison websites all become the same.

Surely this will bring us the same problem as before..they will all be the same and therefore become boring! The meerkat stood out because it was different, innovative and used cross media to interact with the consumer and is still being developed as a brand through Twitter and Facebook daily.

I still don’t think Gio Compario will top the meerkat. Alexandr was the first to break the trend and I think that is how it is going to stay for some time providing they develop the brand successfully.



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  1. shib / Aug 24 2009 11:28

    first movers advantage my friend….

  2. Adland Creative / Aug 26 2009 01:41

    I hear Peter Jones will soon be moved on too…I guess he's not enough of a 'cartoon character' to compete…a 'character' is all the rage in the comparison market these days… But Alexandr is still the big boy, and I should assume it'll stay that way..for a while anyway…

  3. Jake / Sep 8 2009 10:37

    It al started with that dreadful sheila's wheels. Then Uswitch leaped on board (I happen to know their wretched gospel choir was the result of a request to agency to 'do us a sheila's wheels'. Despite the dreadful pun, the meerkat is so stylishly executed it's impossible to NOT love, proving you can certainly polish a turd.

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